Malena Zavala

Malena Zavala embraces her Latin identity – and demonstrates innate strength.

Malena Zavala was born in Argentina but grew up in England. Identity was always an issue for her, which was eventually channeled in music. After her debut album “Aliso” (2018), she’s recently published her second effort “La Yarará“, via Yucatan Records.

In her sophomore album, she embraces Latin identity with several rhythms and typical sounds from the continent: there’s Argentine and Andean folk, but also more modern stuff like reggaeton. “Ritmo de vida”, one of beehype’s selected songs of April, is a true highlight from the album: alternating her language, it is clear there’s no borders for her.

“Yarará” is a venomous pit viper species, found in the North-East side of Argentina (also in other South American countries like Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay).

She Malena in a recent interview that her parents used to call her that way when she was a child because of her strong and confrontative nature.

The song which gives the name to the album is about the innate strength of women when they ask to be heard.

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