Maalavika Manoj is a Mumbai based singer songwriter. This Chennai born artist has garnered a lot of attention from a fairly young age.

She’s worked with some of the big wigs of the film industry and has also performed for years as a solo act and in band projects. Her single, “Dreaming” that she dropped last year galvanized a wave of eager fans who were looking forward to her debut EP. And with “Rush”, Mali hasn’t failed to disappoint.

The entire EP is consistent, musically and lyrically, which results in intimate sense of personality. With this effort it feels like Mali lets you into her world and by the end of the five tracks, you get to know her better.

The well structured songs supported by great quality instrumentation keeps the vibe fresh as you yearn for multiple listens.

The highlight is Mali’s soothing voice that flows through each of the song. She beautifully explores different vocal ranges and combines them with a melodic pop appeal.

The songwriting finds a perfect harmony using subtle guitar notes, bass lines and drum patterns while keeping the artist and her voice at the creative fulcrum.

The title track “Rush” is a treat as it sonically explores the feeling crafted out in the lyrics. The EP explosively ends on a high note with the track “Sooner Or Later”.

My favorite track would be “Poor Girl’s Dream” as it’s a perfect way to hook you into this EP. It’s bold and groovy. Mali has some great hooks in there. This song just shows the variety of musical influences the artist at hand might have.

Maybe the only problem with the EP would be the lack of exploration. There are some moments where I feel Mali could’ve been a bit more braver in the musical and lyrical aspects. However it is overshadowed by the kind of personality the EP showcases.

This a noteworthy debut effort and it gives me a rush to think what more she might have to offer in the future.

Stream “Rush” EP in it entirety on Soundcloud.


Photo: The Bucket Sessions

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