Outstanding debut album from one of our favourite new bands in the Italian scene, Malihini.

We introduced Malihini on beehype in November, when the title track of their first album “Hopefully, Again” was released. We said that song made us wait for their debut LP with great impatience, and now the wait is over. The album was released on March 8th by London label Memphis Industries, and it’s made by 10 song for 33 total minutes.

We are happy to say our impatience was well justified: the album, in fact, is a beautiful collection of songs who showcase a lot of variety and, at the same time, a coherent musical vision. Back to November, we introduced Malihini’s music as “velvety, dreamy and with a hint of psychedelia”, but there’s much more on the album.

The latest single “Delusional boy” is a plain pop with a simple, yet irresistible, guitar riff; the opener “A House On A Boat” sounds egdy and has much more than a hint of psychedelia, showing a Syd Barrett’s influence; “Nefertiti” is another straight song but this time with a darker sound that can remind of XX; “The Afterdays” shows that Malihini like a good stripped down tune too.

The above-mentioned coherent musical vision makes sure that all this variety is filtered by a clear and personal musical and vocal style, so any listener can easily hear that all the songs have the same kind of wavy and dynamic arrangement and to make the two voices interact between them and with the instruments. This is definitely an outstanding album.

Stream “Hopefully, Again” LP on Spotify.


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