Velvety, dreamy and with a hint of psychedelia – new single from Italian duo Malihini makes us wait for their debut LP with great impatience.

Malihini are Federica Caiozzo and Giampaolo Speziale; they’re respectively from Palermo and Rome and are currently based in London. They are both musicians and actors: Giampaolo worked as an actor and soundtracks composer, and Federica starred in “Tutti I Santi Giorni” by Paolo Virzì, was the singer in a band called Jobi4 and had her own solo project called Thony.

This duo, whose name comes from Hawaian language and means “newcomers”, started in 2016, and, after some songs released separately during these two years, the time for the debut album has come. The release is scheduled for March 2019 under the London label Memphis Industries. The album is titled “Hopefully, Again”, and, for now, we can only listen to the title track.

Malihini’s music has a cinematic touch and is introspective at the same time, perfectly representing the dual artistic attitude of Federica and Giampaolo, and the fact that they are a couple in love. The sound is velvety, dreamy and with a hint of psychedelia, and the intention of the duo is to express, with their songs, the intimate and emotional dialogue of a couple.

The album was recorded in Wales, but mostly conceived on Vulcano island in Sicily, and you can definitely feel that kind of atmosphere at least in this title track. Malihini are newcomers, as their name says, but they are experienced musicians and actors, and they lean on the strength of their synergy, both artistic and personal.


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