Manic Sheep

One of the top shoegaze bands in Taiwan, Manic Sheep explore new possibilities on their Brooklyn-inspired new album, “Brooklyn”.

Embracing shoegaze and noise rock with massive guitar sound and steady drumming beats, the four-piece band Manic Sheep have earned great fame because of their pleasant melody lines and chords. They have played various festivals around the world including SXSW, Fuji Rock in Japan, and Pow! Fest #2 in Thailand.

When the group disbanded for a while, the lead singer Chris Lo switched her instrument from bass to guitar, and now is accompanied by another great guitar player Howard, bassist Joy and drummer White from Prairie WWWW (落差草原 WWWW). This brand-new line up brings a new mixture of music possibilities.

Influenced by other young talented bands from New York’s Brooklyn, Manic Sheep named their second album “Brooklyn” (布魯克林). With its manic, murmuring sounds, the latest single “No More Anger” proves that Manic Sheep are still one of the top shoegaze bands in Taiwan.

Stream “Brooklyn” LP on Bandcamp.


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