Manila Magic

Manila Magic is quite an appropriate name for the new Filipino duo of Zild Benitez and Tim Marquez, who just debuted with a nostalgic single “In the Night”.

Sometimes they shorten their name to “mnl mgc”, which leads us not only to the Philippines’ capital, but also to the word “minimal” that is a good description of the warm synth-pop sound as presented in “In the Night”. Both musicians have been already known for other projects like IV of Spades (in the case of Zild Benitez) and One Click Straight (in the case of Tim Marquez). Their songwriting and production skills are no surprise then.

Now they’re standing back to back together in the black-and-purple, one-shot video directed by Daniel Joseph Aguilar, inviting us to join the last stage of a late-night party.


Manila Magic on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud.

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