Manuel Onís ft. Andrea Echeverri

A mystic pop song about two distant lovers connected by the Moon.

Manuel Onís is an Argentinean singer-songwriter who started his career in the 90s, when he founded the band El Horreo.

Since then, he has worked in different projects. He published his first solo album “Bagunça” in 2007 – in a golden era for local folk scene. He founded a supergroup Viajantes with some other colleagues. He toured around Europe and Asia, and co-produced a tribute album to Brazilian cult band Os Mutantes, among other collaborations.

After some silent years – his latest album is “Tobogán al anonimato” came out in 2013 – last year he started to work on new stuff. He spent the first year of the pandemic outside the Metropoli: changed Buenos Aires for a rural landscape and began to compose and record his third solo album.

One of the songs we can hear in advance is “Pangolín”, which features the unmistaken voice of Andrea Echeverri -leader of one of Colombia’s most popular rock bands, Aterciopelados.

“Pangolín” – Spanish for Manis, a mammal species – is a mystic pop song with some tribal percussions, about two distant lovers connected by the Moon and nature signals. The video was shot in Villa Gesell, a coastal town in Buenos Aires Province in Argentina, with additional footage recorded by Eceheverri in Bogotá, Colombia.


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