Manuela de las Casas

With an acoustic guitar, bombo legüero and mesmerizing vocals, Argentinian singer-songwriter Manuela de las Casas makes us excited about her upcoming debut LP.

When she was 19 years old, Manuela de las Casas left Buenos Aires in pursuit of a nomad life. The first destination was Bariloche, the main tourist spot in Argentinian Patagonia. Next to the Andes mountains and surrounded by snow, Manuela discovered new passions: skiing and dancing.

Those plans of a nomad life were truncated by a fracture in her feet, and she went back to Buenos Aires. She traded snowy landscapes for a new discovery: her musical side. Soon, she started writing and by 2017 she published her debut EP, “Li”, with six songs imbued by her constant chase of nature and wilderness from a poetic perspective and with acoustic sound.

Last year, Manuela announced her plans to publish a full album, described as folk rock and titled “Esto y aquello”. In advance, she’s already released three songs. “Belleza oscura” is the latest of those: accompanied by a guitar, chord arrangements and a bombo legüero, desert atmospheres surround this mantric song inspired by Brazilian composer Vitor Ramil.


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