Mari Jürjens

What is magic? Listening to Mari Jürjens, a singer-songwriter from Tallin, you might think it’s when Estonian language finds the right voice.

Mari’s stripped-down, mostly acoustic guitar arrangements are quite enough not to distract you too much from her extraordinary singing and the beauty of the vocal melodies she weaves, gentle yet confident.

Although she has been educated as a theatre actress, Mari Jürjens (formerly Mari Pokinen) apparently preferred music to acting and for her recent 28th birthday she released her third full-length album, “27”.

“Enne Und” (“Before the Dream”) is an outstanding single off this record. As Mari explains, the album shows her “standing in between childhood and growing up”, and rediscovering the world from a fresh angle.

Possibly, her twin boys – born two years ago – could have helped her in changing the perspective a little bit. On the other hand, they certainly enjoy their mother’s magic.

Find more tracks from “27” here.


Mari Jürjens on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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