Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés

After two EPs, “Remescles, acoples i melismes” in 2015 and last year’s “Verbena,” the duo of Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés develop their unique take on folk-song form, creating a captivating debut album.

With just electric guitar and voice, “45 cerebros y 1 corazón” comprises an exemplary case on how less can mean more. Arnal and Bagés work together very well, complementing each other’s strengths, to compose a well-balanced and enchanting whole.

To a large extent this is due to their versatility. For compared with the preceding EPs, they have considerably extended their sonic repertoire.

Bagés uses lots of guitar effects and employs a variety techniques. He can play harsh, metallic riffs, drown everything in psychedelic drones, or just deliver a few sparse licks that leave lots of room for Arnal’s vocals. And her melismatic singing is as evocative as ever.

Undoubtedly, “45 cerebros y 1 corazón” deserves a place on a must-hear list for anyone looking for fresh and genuine music.

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