Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés

Explore every layer, every sound, and every twist of another spectacular album from Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés.

Back in 2017, we had a very difficult choice of picking our favourite Spanish album of the year. Ending up with Rosalía’s “Los Ángeles” as the winner made us good prophets concerning her further career, but “45 cerebros y un corazón” from Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés was an equally spectacular debut. Listening to the follow-up now, we know this Barcelona-based duo was just starting to impress us as well.

On “CLAMOR”, Maria and Marcel collaborate with the producer David Soler. Together, they created a seamless mixture of traditional, acoustic inspirations, electronica and sampling, field recording, and what should be listed first – stunning vocal parts, effects and acrobations.

You can listen to this album on at least two levels. One is to simply enjoy 11 beautifully written and performed songs. Another is to explore every layer, every sound, every twist. If you can do both of those things simultanously, you might get into that euphoric state where your mind finds itself asking how such heavenly music is even possible – but the body tells it so shup up and simply absorb.

Oh, and having Holly Herndon, Morphosis Ensemble and Kronos Quartet here is such a nice bonus.

Stream “Clamor” LP on Spotify and Deezer.


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