María Rodés

One of Barcelona’s most unconventional singer-songwiters, María Rodés, finishes the year with a new EP.

Containing only three songs and clocking in at just over eleven minutes, “Creo Que No Soy Yo” (“I Think It’s Not Me”) nevertheless brims with musical ideas and worthwhile moments.

María Rodés has a unique ability of connecting disparate sounds in creative and thoroughly original way making her sound like no one else. The title track from her new EP should be proof enough.

According to the artist, the song “speaks of the moment when one realizes the multitude of women that one simultaneously is, each with its own voice and, of course, all contradictory to each other.”

Fittingly, while based primarily on a single guitar chord and percussive loop, “Creo Que No Soy Yo” gradually evolves to incorporate a multitude of sounds, including various ambient soundscapes, looped voices and some middle-eastern sounds, creating a dense and dizzying mixture. And Rodés’ fragile, whispery voice only adds to the ethereal, hallucinatory atmosphere of the piece.

The EP finds María Rodés in a transitory stage before she embarks on a new artistic path that will culminate in her next album, expected in spring 2017. In the meantime, you can also stream the third track from the EP, “Algo Que Pudo Ser,” to make up for the wait.


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