Maria Rodés

A sonically adventurous, cosmic-themed album from the talented Barcelonian singer-songwriter.

On her new album, Maria Rodés pays homage to her great-grandfather, Lluís Rodés, an astronomer who directed the Ebro Observatory between 1920 and 1939.

Having witnessed the horrors of the Civil War in Spain, he sought spiritual refuge in the cosmic harmony of the stars. “Eclíptica” is based on his diaries.

Filled with poetic imagery and inventive songcraft, it is a concept album of sorts, albeit a short one, with a running time just under half an hour. The excellence of the music, however, more than makes up for it.

Rodés restless artistic spirit pushes her to try something different with every new release. On “Eclíptica” she effortlessly draws on a variety of styles, from cumbia to psychedelic-pop, from indie-folk to trip-hop.

The songs are quirky yet delightful, with ethereal melodies underpinned by complex rhythmic patterns.

There’s a lot of wonderful noises that fill the background giving the listener a chance to discover something new with every listen.

One thing remains constant, though: Rodés’ music sounds like nothing else. And “Eclíptica” is another worthy addition to her imaginative body of work.

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