Maria Usbeck

Following her cultural comeback to South America, Maria Usbeck recently gave us a beautiful debut single that announces her first solo album, “Amparo”.

This new record will come out at the end of May and it’s a result of Maria’s return to her home Ecuador as well as Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica and more. All of that in search of her identity and an attempt to rediscover and revivify her roots that started to blur after after 13 years spent in the US.

On this new album, she sings for the first time in Spanish, her native language that – shockingly to her – she started to forget. “I began obsessively reading about endangered languages, cultures, music, and finding opportunities to practice my first language,” she said.

The first single off “Aparo”, a four-minute (master)piece titled “Moai Y Yo”, is based on the stories Maria’s grandfather told her about the famous statues on Easter Island.

The song shows Usbeck’s very particular approach to her new material, which was composed on electronic devices but recorded in acoustic fashion. The result is irresistible.


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