Maris Pihlap

A sophisticated collection of songs from up-and-coming Estonian musician.

Maris Pihlap is a singer-songwriter, violinist, and producer based in Tallinn. She first gained national recognition when she won the annual Battle of the Bands competition in her home country.

“What Have You Become?” is her debut EP, containing six original songs. According to Pihlap, the overarching theme concerns growing up and the album should be taken as a collection of postcards from different moments in her own journey towards adulthood.

Considering it’s a debut, the music is surprisingly mature with intricate arrangements that draw on pop, folk, jazz, and electronic influences.

Pihlap mixes these sounds together with an exceptional mastery and imagination, resulting in a consistent and intriguing work. It certainly establishes her as a promising young artists whose future endeavors are worth following.

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