Marissa Mur

Ode to sensuality, life and love from Mexican pop-folk talent Marissa Mur.

The mix between cultures in Mexico may be the key in the question: why the music created here has this particular mysticism and magic? The history here, where races, traditions and cultures interweave, is represented also in the music that is created by our musicians. A perfect example is Marissa Mur, a songwriter from Sonora, Mexico.

The first time I heard Marissa’s music was with his powerful “Darlo todo”, a song that still gives me chills even if I just think of it. The song was released days before we suffered a powerful earthquake in Mexico City, one that destroyed many buildings, and silenced many lives.

“Darlo todo” was an hymn for many in these days, where solidarity returned in a city where sometimes you can feel a little bit alone.

Marissa Mur is not a new musician in the Mexican scene, but last year her music had a new impulse thanks also to her great talent and beautiful voice. With a mix of pop music and Mexican folk, Marissa’s music thrills you the very moment you begin to listen to her.

With her new video “Pa’ mi entero”, again with this mixture between ancient and modern Mexico, Marissa’s sound takes a step forward in order to give us a a richer instrumentalization. Of course, her voice continues to stand out, strong, solid, like that element so beautiful and extraordinary that distinguishes her.

“Pa’ mi entero” is a very lighthearted ode to sensuality, to this act of love, to that fire that Marissa refers in her lyric. A song that we could consider a call to heal and to live with joy.


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