Markas Palubenka

“¡el Silente!” is a new single from Markas Palubenka’s recent album, “Puzzleman”, which was one of the best Lithuanian records of 2015.

In my opinion, “¡el Silente!” is the best song on this record and actually in the Vilnius-based artist’s entire discography. Listen to this track once, and you’ll want more and more.

“This song is kind of dedicated to Salvador Dali, although in you won’t find any word about it in the lyrics,” Palubenka said. “The meaning is hidden in music, in the percussion and in the sounds of guitar.”

Just like the title suggests, “¡el Silente!” has Spanish motives and it’s actually the only song with this kind of inspirations. “This track sounds different,” Palubenka explained, “it’s different just like this artist was”.

And indeed, “¡el Silente!” sounds original, strong – and really catchy from the moment he starts that “tararariup”.


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