Marle Thomson

Dutch singer and songwriter Marle Thomson re-invents her songs just with her voice and guitar.

There’s a saying among songwriters and composers that if you want to verify the quality of a song, you just need to play it on an acoustic guitar or piano withouth all the studio gimmick.

Amsterdam-based artist Marle Thomson does exactly that on her recent album, “The Canopy – Acoustic”, where she comes back to the material from her debut release “The Canopy”, trying to get closer to the heart of her own works and invite the listener to her living room – where she actually recorded this material.

However, it’s a new song “Satellites” added at the very end of this album that got us enchanted earlier this year and asked for a repeated listen over the last months. It’s certainly among the most beautiful songs Europe has heard this year, and a great promise for Marle’s next studio LP.

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