Marta Grigale

A promising debut EP called “Pai Pai” from young Latvian singer-songwriter Marta Grigale.

Last year Marta Grigale participated in national song contest Supernova in order to represent Latvia in Eurovision. Her eurovisionish song “Choices” didn’t get to national final but the lyrics of a song about endless possibilities and choices now have a meaning and sound like prophecy.

Now Marta has teamed up with one of the best Latvian music producers and sound engineers from Tru Music Studio to record her debut mini album “Pai Pai”. The eponymous song gives the impression of atmosphere and aesthetics a listener can expect from EP.

Marta hasn’t released much music so far that’s why it’s quite impossible to comment her growth as a musician. But “Pai Pai” compared to “Choices” sounds more daring, adventurous and matured.

Slightly provocative sounding and Marta’s silky voice makes “Pai Pai” catchy, joyous and flirty popsong. And it’s promising enough to make you want to hear more from her. Anyway – the hopes are high.

Stream “Pai Pai” EP on Bandcamp.


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