Masha Qrella

Masha Qrella’s new album “Keys” is set to come out on April 15th via Morr Music. But she’s already shared videos for two tracks off this upcoming album.

“Keys” will be Masha’s fifth record since she started her solo career with 2004’s “Luck”. In the just-released clip for the title song, she takes us on a very special trip in the Berlin underground (we’d love to see faces of those who witnessed the shooting).

“Please don’t give me your keys, cause I don’t wanna have to give them back again,” she sings in the track, suggesting the album’s more than just a musical transition for the German artist.

In her new previous video, “DJ”, Masha Qrella paid homage to her home city Berlin and “the state you can find yourself in this city.”

She also introduced us to her long-time friend, Hannes Lehmann, the eponymous “DJ” that you’ll see in her previous clip. Masha met him when she was still a teenager, and even “shared her first apartment”.

Directed by Diana Näcke, the black-and-white video perfectly suits “DJ’s” discreet emotions, neon-colored nostalgia, and a beautiful chorus that invites you rather than forces you to sing along.

This spring, Masha’s playing a series of concerts around Europe with shows in Germany, Poland, and Slovakia already announced. Make sure you don’t miss her if she comes around.


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