Mateo Kingman

“Shooting this video was one of the greatest experiences I´ve been on,” says Mateo Kingman, a composer and singer from Ecuador, about his fascinating new clip “Lluvia”.

“This song was inspired by the place I grew up, Macas, a small village located in the Ecuadorian Amazon,” says Mateo. “There is a time of year when there is no rain at all and the people, plants, trees and animals are dying (not literally) of heat and thirst. Thus, the presence of rain is vital for the development of life.”

“The video for ‘Lluvia’ was born from the need to create a visual space for the song, a space to communicate this need we have all beings on this planet by rain and water. The first character we recreated, is this being who is dry and awakens desperate for water.”

“This character represents all the inhabitants of the earth. It is in search of the spirit of the rain, and each time it gets closer to ‘rain’, the atmosphere begins to be filled with more and more life.”

“We shoot the video at 3 locations, in 3 days. All of them in the andean region of Ecuador, we were looking for locations that do not look similar to other places on this planet. We also were very careful about the aesthetics and costumes.”

“It was a big challenge because we had a very low budget but the team was very profesional and colaborative with the project. The producer of ‘Lluvia’ is my manager Alvaro Almeida, and the director is a good friend of mine, Pablo Secaira.”

“Lluvia” comes from Mateo’s debut album, “Respira”, which you can preview here.


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