Here’s an act local audience is confused about. Dark hip-hop beats with lyrics that sound like they were randomly thrown together from the lives of the 3 members act fresh but it seems it’s too far for some people. And others just love them.

A skilled producer (Levanael) and two MCs (Dacho and Tunja) provide a modern hip-hop sound with unusual sentences that can get as catchy as hell. Sometimes it seems they just talk nonsense or that only the three of them understand what they’re talking about, on other occasions they make funny stuff sound really serious.

The atmosphere is as stoned as it can get and Matter perfectly reflect a part of the urban youngster scene in Slovenia. They sound like an after party at 7 am, when the day is breaking and you can’t decide who’s normal – people going to work or you – skipping that daily bullshit routine.

Debut album is supposed to be in the works and is without doubt one of the most expected albums in Slovenia at the moment – the group has been around only for a good year and their single “Meduze” is already an anthem, while their unusual lyric style is somehow controversial and launched more beer debates in 2015 than Eurovision.


Photo credit: Uroš Abram

Matter on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook.

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