“We’re in hip-hop but rather soft, we’re in girl power but we have a heart”.

Two girls who call themselves MATYAS can’t be expected to be serious most of the time and in fact they’re not. When asked about their style, they would probably tell you to classify them in the category “we’re in hip-hop but rather soft, we’re in girl power but we have a heart”.

‘De mon côté’ is about a relational fight in a couple, after the guy comes ringing the girl’s bell at 3am, drunk, with his mates, not even having the decency of calling her by her name.

In the video from director and artist Jonathan Pau, who directed the band’s three most recent clips, this is visualised with a badminton game in which MATYAS are the referees. The girls are in sky blue and the boys in candy pink. Despite a slight advantage of the female side, nobody really wins.

Even though the video was released very recently, the song dates back from 2019 and can also be found on “A feu doux“, the first EP that MATYAS released in October last year. A new EP and several videos are in the making, which is something to look forward to, for the girls, the fans and music lovers in general.

MATYAS as a name could have covered almost any kind of musical act. A boy’s band, a singer-songwriter, some schlager superstar, you name it. Now that we found out that this is a very promising Belgian girl combo, we can also add: you can do anything to this music, except for dancing in a crowd, or sitting still.

The first one due to corona measures, and the second because it’s simply impossible. Try it, you’ll fail.


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