(Me Llamo) Sebastián

On his latest full-length effort “La Sombra”, (Me Llamo) Sebastián invites you to join him and find your inner child in yourself.

In mid-October, Sebastián Sotomayor released his new album “La Sombra” (“The Shadow”), where he invites us to join him and travel alongside our inner children. These ten new songs differ from his previous works because of his heartbreaking voice and the lyrics he put in it.

The latest and third single from “La Sombra” is “dedicated to those of us who live in ecstasy despite the condemnation”. “Edificios”, which means “Buildings” in Spanish, talks about the fear of loss, destruction and future.

The video directed by Felipe Reutter de la Maza shows Sebastián going through different phases while he escapes from his own chains.

The first two singles, “Hijos del Peligro” and “Las Polillas” (now called “Las Polillas Batallan”), have a different sound in the LPs version due to the artist’s creativity and restlessness.

Stream “La Sombra” LP on Spotify and YouTube.


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