(me llamo) Sebastián

Following his fantastic album “La Beleza,” which made our Best of 2015 list, Sebastián Sotomayor presents the first snippet of his upcoming fifth album he is currently working on with a renowned producer, Cristián Heyne.

“Las Polillas” (Moths) is said to signal a shift in his music to a sound described by the singer as pop emocionante. Indeed, the song seems more mature, eschewing melodramatic excess, prevalent in some of his previous work, in favor of genuine sensitivity.

Starting with a minimalistic beat and piano chords, it develops into a cathartic anthem with guitar crescendos and choirs underscoring Sebastián’s amazing voice.

More serious feel of the song is highlighted by the accompanying video. Instead of camp aesthetics employed in his past clips, it shows a visceral dance routine, featuring Sebastián himself, in a rugged setting.

Both the sound and the image make “Las Polillas” into a truly captivating experience, and comprise an exciting career development for the artist.


Photo: Rodrigo Pincheira

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