Meeting by Chance

If you’ve been following Ninja Tune for a while or checked out our Best of 2014 feature, you might already know Marcin Cichy as a member of the duo Skalpel.

Meeting by Chance is a solo project of this acclaimed producer and mastering master. Earlier this year, he released his first full-length under this new monicker, but he remains close to the sound of his original band.

A nine-track collection of unhurried, refined and simply beautiful music, “Inside Out” makes the distinction between analogue and electronic lose much of its meaning. Acoustic instruments are mixed with a cinematic atmosphere and guest appearances from Magda, Noah and Cuushe.

The whole album is available on Meeting by Chance’s Bandcamp and you’ll most certainly make use of this link after listening to the fantastic single “Birdman”.

Meeting by Chance on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, www.

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