Feel like being sucked into a big black hole? Here’s a song for you.

Dutch artsist Ricky Cherim teams up with Ray Fuego for “Het Zwarte Gat” (“The Black Hole”), an excellent single of his new album “Cr:GO”.

It’s a song about the feeling of losing your mind and how that can feel like being sucked into a big black hole. Funny enough, the track doesn’t sound heavy or existential at all. Instead “Het Zwarte Gat” is a pulsating and catchy track that combines Cherim’s soft voice with Feugo’s sharp rapping.

The new album “Cr:GO” features a lot of collaborations – for example with Oceanic and Gotu Jim – which makes the record sound like a new version of Meetsysteem and probably helped Cherim make the “difficult sophomore record” after the success of his debut record.

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