Mehmet Güren

Leader of one of Turkey’s most acclaimed rock bands starts a solo career – and the result is captivating.

Mehmet Güren – you may know him as the frontman of Biz, which is a unique band from İstanbul scene I mentioned at the end of 2015 – released a single named “Üzerime Kalan Günler” in May. That’s an important step because this song is his first solo production. He has moved to Berlin from İstanbul and this change seems working on him.

Many high quality musicians appear in that record, but above all Emre Nişancı arranged the song and makes all the things those musicians play more meaningful. At the beginning, there is just Mehmet’s voice and some minimal guitar melodies than comes piano. Then come other instruments layer by layer and it extends the song with your hearth at the same time.

According to Mehmet’s post about the song, there are more than 20 people working for this song, including recording and the official clip.

The video needs some more sentences. Director of that beautiful piece is Ali Demirel and he wrote the story with İpek Ural. At the beginning of the video, there is a sentence which says: “To all beautiful friends who decided to divorce from each other…”

You will watch a divorce party, which is probably a rare thing to see. That’s a kind of video that makes the effect of the song bigger. Let’s hope Mehmet will produce many more things in Berlin, too.


Photo: Beliz Kaplan Göktaş

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