Sometimes good things happen for a reason. In 2013, the Berlin-based singer Kat Frankie played a few shows as a back-up singer and guitarist for the duo Me and My Drummer.

It was a beautiful constellation. Voices of Kat and Charlotte Brandi worked perfectly together, with the band’s indie-electronic-synthpop sound in the background. And as they had so much fun on tour, they decided to create new music, this time as Me&KatFrankie&MyDrummer.

They went on to a short tour across Germany. For some reason, they did not release an EP or an LP yet, but when you hear the killer track “Healer”, you will certainly wish there was a full-length album already. And there is hopefully more to come indeed.

You can find Me and My Drummer on Facebook and their official website. Kat Frankie is on Soundcloud, Twitter and Facebook.

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