The original music score of “Afterlov”, a post-love story that takes place in Athens, written and composed by the young and talented Melentini.

This is the second time that we present Melentini on beehype. We first met her three years ago at the launch of our website, with the enchanting song “Nightkisser“, where she collaborated with the project of The Blue Square, by offering her wonderful lyrics and vocals.

Her last effort came along with the romantic comedy of “Afterlov” (Άφτερλωβ), the first full-length movie of Stergios Paschos. The film was directed and shot in Nikos Nikolaidis’ villa, the controversial writer/director and emblematic figure of the Greek underground culture – mainly in the ’80s.

Meanwhile, Stergios Paschos film is an idiosyncratic approach to a young couple, where the main – and only – characters, Sofia and Nikos (a weirdo broke musician), are trying to understand what the heck went wrong that they broke up.

Melentini composed the music score of this love story writing eccentric pop miniatures, instrumental avant-rock tracks with electronic fittings and ‘70s influenced love songs like “Ηλιαχτίδα” (Sunbeam), which is performed and produced by Vasilis Dokakis.

But my personal favourite one is the closing song of the OST, titled “Στον Πλανήτη Άφτερλωβ” (On Planet Afterlov), where Melentini sings by herself seductively and sadistically an utterly lovable song, bloomed in bittersweet nostalgia, melancholy and charm.

You can listen to the whole soundtrack on Bandcamp, while you are preparing a cocktail for your next summer screening.


Melentini on Facebook, Soundcloud.

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