Once in good old 90s I had a dream: me and my classmate sitting on the floor of giant ancient three-storey library, surrounded by beautiful garden below us, decorated with massive statues, and then I go to the window and see one of those stone faces came alive, spinning and making thunderous noises, with red beams coming out of its eyes.

Me’leron’s album cover looks like occasional screenshot of that tasty childhood nightmare, while the music is manoeuvring between Temples and Tame Impala. We were afraid recruiting the Sinoptik’s bandleader Dima (who acted as the producer here) might ruin the original charm of the group and partially these fears are confirmed.

Dima’s more rude and guitar-obsessed approach has led to putting trite hard rock over the gentle, way more modern electronic neopsychedelia, what happened, for example, in “So Dear To Me” and, to a lesser extent, “Monaco” and “Russian Cocktail” (thankfully, it didn’t damaged the whole songs – only since 3:03 and 4:17, respectively).

But nevertheless, this six-track psychedelic creation is brilliant! So fresh and shiny, that it clearly deserves to be included in UA best-of-the-year top.


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