Meowlau X Val

Electronic and clubby single from Slovak duo Meowlau X Val.

Val’s voice and Meowlau’s bass, that’s the foundation of this project. It seems to be an optimal combination, even though both musicians have already started making their own path on the scene.
Val has taken a part in a talent show and Meowlau is a recent member of a Slovak indie band Billy Barman (fun fact: with more Instagram followers than the band itself).

“Dark” is the title song of an EP “Nevermind“. Serves an amount of questions and doubts whether it has sense or actually it’s all useless. Yes, pretty dark, as life is, right? Still they managed to bring humour and flavour the topic with little jokes in the video.

Electronic and clubby sound doesn’t lack the passion and has a potential to speak to the young (as well as of age) audience via sincere lyrics.

Stream “Nevermind” EP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


Meowlau on Instagram. Val on Instagram.

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