Meskerem Mees

Every so many songs it happens that you are really stunned by a perfect mix of melody, beauty and silence that is so attractive that you can define it as utterly powerful.

This is what happened to me when I first heard “Joe” by Meskerem Mees, and what keeps on happening ever since, every time I hear this soothing gem.

Quickly making her way from the in crowd to the national radio, Meskerem Mees is a young lady with a guitar. Nothing new, so what makes her stand out from the rest? This is not so hard to figure out: a gorgeous way of singing and formidable songwriting skills make the magic happen. “Joe” sounds as if it was composed by a bird sitting on a branch on the first beautiful day of the year, while every passerby stops by, stupefied.

Meskerem Mees will have to wait a bit longer than foreseen to share her music on stage with the larger audience she is reaching now. The same goes for the numerous new fans who are voting the beautiful “Joe” into the listeners charts of the national radio stations in Flanders.

Luckily this talented girl’s music is perfectly fit for sitting audiences, so she will be one of the first artists who will be allowed to play live again for smaller groups of people.


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