With the delicate-turned-noisy single “Atlas”, the Mexican quartet Candy announce their upcoming third album of the same in the best possible way: intriguing, disorienting, and leaving us wanting more.

“The recording of the album was financed with the funds we obtained through our successful crowdfunding campaign on the Mexican platform Fondeadora. We got 112 per cent of what we requested, and we couldn’t be happier about that,” says Valentina Plasa, the band’s singer and bassist.

Recorded in Panoram Studios in their home Mexico City, the new album was co-produced by Phil Vinall and the band themselves. Probably due in late spring 2016, it will be a follow-up to 2012’s “Control”, which came out three years after Candy released their debut album, “Stranger.”

“The whole album is based on the tarot and synchronicity. We were interested in how people like the psychoanalyst Carl Jung used the tarot as an exploratory tool to determine the stages of inner development,” says Valentina.

“If all cards are seen as a journey, where the ‘triggering’ and starting point is the joker, the last card would be the world, where everything comes together, the spiritual and physical world, and duality integrates the inner peace,” she adds. “Atlas represents this last card, the world, and duality, where the destiny is fulfilled.”


Photo credit: Chema Artero

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