Mi Nave

10 years after alternative group Mi Nave was born, their guitars and pedals get support from keys and synths.

Following up “Tristeza” from 2016, Mi Nave recently published their fourth LP called “Ojos Cuadrados” via Polvo Bureau label. In their new effort, the Rosario-based band gives more attention to synths and keys, rather than guitars and pedals, which were one of their most distinctive characteristics since their foundation in 2008.

Of course the guitars are still present, as we can hear in the first single “Redondel”. The riff guides the song structure, which is an up-tempo hymn about permeability to changes (“Redondel” is the Spanish word for “circle”). There’s always a willing of change to pursue new horizons from an introspective point of view.

Sounds kind of Masonic, but it’s all about life principles.

Stream “Ojos Cuadrados” on Spotify and Bandcamp.


Photo: Juan Curto

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