Mia Berg

Mia Berg is a young singer-songwriter from Bergen, Norway who lacks only one thing: your full attention.

We’d say that we are not really surprised to discover another talented singer-songwriter from this country, but Mia Berg did surprise us with the quality of her debut EP, aptly titled “Intro“, and released just a few weeks ago by Tik Music.

It clocks just around 20 minutes, but you won’t find even one unnecessary verse. It is intense – sometimes several themeses/melodies compete for your attention, and the vocals can be layered impressively – but not in an overwhelming way.

On the contrary, the sound of “Intro” is light, in both meanings of this word: it will leave you relaxed, and it will make your day a little bit brighter.

Each of the five (proper) songs Mia Berg gives us on her debut deserves to become a single, but she picked “Grow” for the first video. And if you ask us, it’s indeed one of the highlights of the EP – with “Berlin” repesenting an equal beauty.

So early into her career, Mia Berg seems to have everything she needs. She’s got great songs and a great voice, she’s bold yet mindful enough not to waste her or our time. Let’s only hope the world pays attention.

Stream “Intro” EP on Soundcloud and Spotify.


Mia Berg on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud.

Photo: Emma Sukalic

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