Mia Maestro

Most people know Mia Maestro from movies like “Frida” or “The Twilight Saga” and as one of the stars of the forthcoming Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s TV series, “The Strain”.

But beside acting, she is also an extremely talented singer-songwriter – as showed by her just-released debut album “Si Agua”, which features Ben Frost, Colin Stetson and Damien Rice.

After last year’s spectacular video for (English) “Blue Eyed Sailor” – be sure to check it out here – she’s chosen the (Spanish) title song as the first single off the new record. If you like it, you can stream the whole album on Mia Maestro’s Bandcamp.

You can also follow Mia Maestro on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – or visit her official website.

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