Mick Pedaja

Sometimes you feel you’re fallin’? We all do. We need to fall down to stand up again.

Mick Pedaja is an acclaimed singer-songwriter from Estonia, whom you migh know from our Best of 2016 for Estonia. His inspirations come from nature and people and life, hence words like “organic”, “floating” and “cosmic” best describe Mick’s music.

To date, Mick has released three albums: “Ärgake” EP in 2014, “Hingake/Breathe” two years later, and “Laniakea” in 2017 with his solo project SUMRA.

“Fallin” is his new song, and Sander Mölder contributed to the production. Describing this latest piece, Mick compares it to a game played on a summer night.

“Back again, one summer,” Mick says, “we traveled to quite fascinating paths. We also tried to ‘trust fall’, where one person falls backward with the eyes shut, depending upon another to catch them. It’s a moment of confidence (essentially the same feeling as falling down on a wheel, slow motion when you throw a bottle from one hand to another).”

“Trust yourself and others, there is a tremendous bond that is necessary for our lives,” he adds. “An error can only be made when you start tapping. Just like you are alive!”


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