Middlemist Red

If I should choose a successful Hungarian band, I would definitely say Middlemist Red. Beside winning numerous prices in Hungary, they have performed at Eurosonic and won the Deezer competition “Young Guns”.

Their neo-psychedelic style (as they call it) was not really common in the Hungarian music scene and they are the first band that could actually achieve something with it.

They’ve already become a name in the concert halls of the country, maybe because of their homogeneous and high quality sound. They are professionals not just in making music, but also in giving concerts.

These are the “pluses” they have, so despite this genre becoming more and more popular, their proper psychedelic notes – also influenced by some blues accords – will not sink in the river of the night life of Budapest.

The video “Evermore” is the first single off Middlemist Red’s upcoming second record, LP, which will be a follow-up to their 2014’s debut “Supersonic Overdrive“.


Middlemist Red on Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube.

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