One of Vienna’s most electrifying current acts, the duo Mieux just released a new 6-track EP, “Music Is Pain”.

The first single titled “Rust” came out early July and apart from being among the best things we heard recently, it seemed to be their finest effort yet. Counting exactly 4:44, it exemplifies the joy Mieux have been putting into their instrumentals, making them applicable beyond the night’s listening into broad daylight.

Their new EP is a follow-up to last year’s full-length “Are You Happy”. And just like the single, it brings both sonic adventures and simple pleasures, depending on which part of your body is paying attention at the moment.

While you can stream “Music Is Pain” EP on Bandcamp and elsewhere, here’s the addictive opener to make you check out the whole thing right after it’s finished.


Photo credit: Matthias Aschauer

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