Close your eyes and imagine a flower blossoming in six different colours. That’s the shortest way to understanding the music of migloko.

She’s one of the most eclectic local artists in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and her many layers and musical diversity sometimes resembles that of Icelandic super-star Björk.

According to her, her new single, “Sacred Tears,“ is about the pure tears that rolled down her face during a certain period in her life that was full of losses and changes. Now, however, she’s fine again.

Armed with her vintage boombox and her deep voice, she’s ready to conquer every stage she takes. It’s clear that her past moments of sorrow have flowered to become astonishing flowers and fruit.

She’s going to lay it all on the table in less than a month, when migloko celebrates her new album – “Sacred Tears“.


migloko on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Bandcamp.

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