Ministerio de Energía

Just when we started to wonder where these guys were, Buenos Aires-based group Ministerio de Energía published a new album.

Released a few months ago, “Extendido” is the first LP since their 2012 record “El Mundo Today”. And it proves they’re not an underground one-hit-wonder.

“Monstruos imperfectos” is one of nine songs included in this new album and it has a very fun video, which involves some strange costumed folk knocking from house to house.

This fieve-piece band produced their new material with Félix Cristiani, maybe one of the most important producers in the current Argentinean indie pop/rock scene.

They definitely seem more mature, both in their sound and in the lyrics, including social criticism in a very strange political and social situation for the country.

Stream “Extendido” LP in its entirety here.


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