With two singles out, upcoming singer-songwriter from Croatian city of Rijeka makes us ready for her debut LP.

Mirna is a new name on Croatian music scene. Her first single “Tvoja Laž” (“Your Lie”) has been a great success.

Among other things, the song was voted for the single of the week on Muzika.hr, the biggest music portal in Croatia.

Her origins are from Putokazi, an avant-garde pop choir from Rijeka. After that, she sung as a backing vocal in some bands, and now she has decided to start solo career.

Currently, she is diligently working on her debut album and in the meanwhile, she has also released a new single “Zašto” (“Why”).

With those two singles already out, I can presume that we can expect Mirna’s first full-length release even in 2017 or early 2018.


Mirna on Facebook, Instagram.

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