misi Ke (柯泯薰)

Passionate and powerful, Taiwanese singer-songwriter misi Ke offers a cure for your daily trouble with her second album, “Don’t Make a Sound”.

After self releasing four EPs and a debut album called “Play” (遊樂), which earned critical acclaim, singer-songwriter misi Ke disappeared for years, trying to find the connection between her and the natural universe.

Experienced with self-doubt and loneliness, by writing songs misi Ke tries to find the answers to questions about life and devote herself thoroughly to music. The outcome is her second album “Don’t Make a Sound” (不能發出聲音).

With the single “Shape”, misi Ke’s delicate voice brings the audience into another world. Full of power and passion, misi Ke proves that music somehow might be the perfect cure to our troublesome lives and might be the only way to save our souls.

You can also watch other video off misi Ke’s new album, “Firefly Lost Light”, here.

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Photo: Sean Marc Lee

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