It’s time for you to learn Slovene! Mito, known as the member of Tekochee Kru, released an awesome album in 2017 – lyrically on point, musically strong and all together a really welcome surprise for this list – completing the hip-hop extravagance.

Mito is definitely a strong lyricist delivering the criticism of society through humor and a play of words. Musically the album sounds fresh and now but still pretty straight, not falling into the latest trap. Among the guilty producers is Šuljo (see our album no. 3), but most credits go to a really young producer properly named YNGFirefly who’s joined by Nite, Tamau and _wrong idea.

And if you don’t speak Slovene, still try the album… it might overtake you and you’ll find yourself rapping to some language you never heard of. (Andraž Kajzer)


Stream “Bratstvo in estradstvo” on Bandcamp.

MITO on Bandcamp, Facebook.

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