Weird, weirder, MITYA.

Russian producer MITYA has been releasing music – both mini-albums and, especially recently, singles – for a few years now (check it out). But we admit we became aware of his music just a few months ago.

There was a good reason for it – a quite astonishing single called “Eat My Bum”. This work was created “completely out of broken instruments sounds – no synths/vst’s/non broken instruments involved”, as the official description goes.

If this song wasn’t particular enough, it has received a similarly spontaneous visual treatment – an ostentatiously DIY video that further strengthens the overall whaaaat?!? experience. It’s a journey to listen, to watch – to experience.

Apparently, MITYA represents this characteristic generation of 21st century artists who do everything on their own terms.

He takes advantage of the fact that the world wide web appreciates those who are independent and dare to stand out – and 225k subscribers to his YouTube channel is the best proof of that.

So depending on needs, he’s a songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, beatboxer, visual artist… and sometimes a comedian. He’s even collecting money (or trying to) on Patreon for his work.

While it’s been a while since his last EP, he’s been quite active releasing singles and videos with the latest one, “JulyRain”, published at the end of may.

If MITYA’s kind of psych-pop is your thing, you’re already a believer and we don’t need to encourage you to keep this guy on your music radar.


MITYA on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Bandcamp.

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