On their debut album, Moblon combine psychedelia with great melodies and ever-changing dynamics.

Moblon is a three piece band from Rome, they are Giulia Laurenzi (vocals, guitars, piano), Stefano Veloci (bass, backing vocals) and Flavio Gamboni (drums, backing vocals).

They released their first album “T.I.N.A.” in June. The acronym stands for “Tutti I Nostri Alieni” (All Our Aliens), and the main lyrical theme of the record is about needs not satisfied by modern society.

Musically speaking, they pair catchy melodies with a sound inspired by Syd Barrett’s psychedelic touch, but more layered, dynamic and clean. Laurenzi’s voice is peculiar and adds extra character to the songs.

The band chose to release a video including not just one song, but two of them, to fully represent the two sides of their musical soul. “La Steppa” shows the rock side, while “Sole” is an example of the more quiet one.

Their label is Bravo Dischi, that also released the debut album by Colombre, already featured on beehype, earlier this year.

Stream “T.I.N.A.” on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes.


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