Modré hory

Modré hory are MCs Lyrik and Bene on the front end and music producers Peko and Roland on the back end. “Luxus Clan” is the 4th studio LP of this band and is being released after ten years of their existence.

Though not planned, it turned out to be a concept album.

Each track has its overseas guest, which is a completely new thing with the hip hop poetry (as we call it) they bring. Fans of Modré Hory are used to their imaginative beats and their articulate lyrics and this is exactly what you get. Jazzy beats just work perfectly with lyrics full of pop culture references as well as dealing with the current political situation, or trying to survive sanely in a small country somewhere in Eastern Europe.

If this should imply pathos, no worries, Modré Hory are definitely closer to being witty and miles away from being pathetic.


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