In music like in sports and many other fields, big talents are often discovered at quite a young age. One musical example is Moli, a 19 year old Belgian girl with British roots, who currently resides in Berlin.

Right now we’re listening to “You Can Cry”, a song that was released last summer along with an EP called “Résumé”, and was one of the tunes that yielded the young singer a spot at the Reeperbahn festival in Hamburg.

During the first 50 seconds, the voice speaks for itself, and shows its strength like a modern painting that only needs a few lines and shades to unveil its beauty. During the rest of the song “You Can Cry” contains some wonderful dynamics and every ingredient that can make modern soul so beautiful.

When asked what “You Can Cry” is about, Moli answers:

“The song is about being a highly sensitive person and embracing it. I have always struggled with feeling emotions very strongly but I have now accepted it as being a part of who I am.”

“They told me that my tears were like diamonds and that they would make me rich someday. If you let them loose you’ll be golden, so don’t ever be ashamed.”

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