What makes a human being a human being?

The answer may be, and probably is, both just as simple and as complicated as it seems. And interesting enough for Momoyo to write songs about it, every song being about one of the aspects that make us what we are.

At least, this is what the band is telling us right now, as their debut EP still needs to be released this summer. “Breath” is the very first single by Momoyo, and the least we can say is that it makes us look forward to hearing what else these ladies and gentlemen from Ghent have to offer us.

“Breath” is a song about the power of breathing, about warmth and viability, but also about the destructive effect when everything gets too close and breathing becomes difficult.

These feelings are pretty well reflected in this song in which tranquility and restlessness seem to conduct an intense musical battle.

The same goes for the video where hope and despair try to outwit each other.


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